Matematik Bölümünde 28.12.2015 tarihli seminer


Fen Fakültesi toplantı salonunda 28 Aralık 2015 Pazartesi günü saat 11:00’de Dr. Müberrra Gürel tarafindan Elliptic Curve Cryptography konulu seminer verildi.


Müberra Gürel


The aim of this talk is to give a basic information to Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). We will begin by considering why elliptic curves are used in cryptographic situations. We will then describe group law on elliptic curves with adding points and doubling. Since ECC builds on the hardness of the discrete logarithm problem on elliptic curves over finite fields (ECDLP), we will state this problem. Lastly, we will briefly discuss El Gamal ECC.